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Cupping Information

Aroma: Apricot and nut

Flavor: Cherry, apricot and green grape

Acidity: Slight

Body: Creamy

Aftertaste: Honey and melon

Roast Scale
Region Information

Country: Colombia

Farm: Multiple family farms

Altitude: 1900-2200 m

Varietals: Caturra, Colombia

Harvest: June-August

Production Method: Honey

APONTE Colombia

"Delicate, sweetly pungent. Apple-brandy reduction, hazelnut, lime zest, freesia and fir in aroma and cup. Low-toned, savory-edged structure with gently tart acidity; smooth, lightly creamy mouthfeel. Quietly rich-toned finish, with a hint of tart apple in the long. The bottom line: An attractive composite of tart and savory elements and an exciting coffee, given the historic limitations on processing in Colombia."
Ken Davids, April 2019

Secluded in the high mountains of Colombia's NariƱo region, the indigenous Inga people of the village of Aponte were part of the ancient Inca empire. Many of their ancestral traditions continue to this day. Land is held communally and a group of elders known as a cabildo ensure that tribal laws are upheld.

Coffee farms in the area are naturally fertile thanks to ash from the nearby Galeras Volcano. The high elevation slows cherry ripening, resulting in exceptionally sweet and complex flavors. The sweetness of this lot is further enhanced by honey processing, which leaves the sweet, sticky mucillage surrounding the coffee bean (commonly referred to as the "honey") clinging to the bean as it dries in the sun.

$15.95 12 oz

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