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Cupping Information

Aroma: Berry and floral

Flavor: Currant, grapefruit and molasses

Acidity: Piquant

Body: Juicy

Aftertaste: Blackberry and honey

Roast Scale
Region Information

Farm: Chania Estate

Altitude: 1525m

Varietals: French Mission Bourbon

Harvest: October-December and May-July

Production Method: Washed


"Roundly bright, flowers and cocoa. Baking chocolate, passionfruit, roasted pecan, molasses, honeysuckle in aroma and cup. Delicately but intensely sweet-tart but poised in structure; light but very silky/supple in mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates in a sweet though drying finish. The bottom line: A nuanced but bright, sweet-tart cup in the traditional style."
Ken Davids, October 2019

For more than a century, the Harries family have overseen the Chania and Oreti Estates. Fourth-generation farmer Boyce Harries continues producing quality coffee while experimenting with new processing methods and growing an array of heirloom coffee varietals such as this French Mission Bourbon. This coffee varietal thrives perched atop the Thika Plateau of Kenya’s Central Highlands, benefiting from its nutrient rich soils, cool climate, and rainy seasons.

Harries also strives to improve the quality of life for his employees and the local community, providing housing and educational opportunities for his permanent staff, as well as, co-founding the Wabeni Technical Institute which affords underprivileged children the opportunity to develop trade skills.

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