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USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified
Cupping Information

Aroma: Citrus and caramel

Flavor: Grapefruit and chocolate

Acidity: Bright

Body: Medium

Aftertaste: Semi-sweet cocoa

Roast Scale

GIUSTO Organic

2016 Compak Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition Silver Medal Winner! Our Espresso Giusto received a Silver Medal in the Milk Based Espresso Category of judging. This put it in the top 13 coffees in North America for this category. The milk based espresso category judges an espresso based on how well it balances with steamed milk, as in a latte or cappuccino.

This is a lighter roast than our Signature Espresso, especially lovely as a bright and fruity straight shot or with a small portion of milk in a macchiato, cortado or cappuccino.

$14.25 12 oz

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GIUSTO Organic