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Cupping Information

Aroma: Blackberry & floral

Flavor: Currant, grapefruit & honey

Acidity: Tangy & bright

Body: Medium

Aftertaste: Molasses & tangerine

Roast Scale
Region Information

Country: Kenya

Farm: Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society

Altitude: 1600-1900 m

Varietals: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Harvest: February-March

Production Method: Washed


In the densely populated Nyeri District, more than 1000 family farmers comprise the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society, which owns and manages three coffee mills in the region. With farms scattered across the steep slopes of Mt. Kenya, this region’s temperate climate, red volcanic soil, and abundant rainfall form a terroir ideal for slowly ripened, exceptional coffees.

The Gikanda farmers combine their harvests and meticulously hand sort the perfectly ripe coffee cherries, delivering them to the Gachatha-Ini mill where they are depulped the same day they are picked. The mill uses fresh clean water from the Ragati River to process the coffee. To prevent water pollution, which can occur with careless coffee processing, used water is recirculated and disposed of in environmentally conscious "soak pits." This method allows water to slowly filter into the ground away from streams, safeguarding local drinking water and protecting indigenous plant life.

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