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Cupping Information

Aroma: Honey & floral

Flavor: Chocolate, date & lemon curd

Acidity: Subtle

Body: Silky

Aftertaste: Cinnamon & nut

Region Information

Country: Tanzania

Farm: Multiple small farms

Number of Farmers: 179

Altitude: 1600 m

Varietals: Bourbon, N 39, KT 423

Harvest: June-August

Production Method: Washed

ICHESA Tanzania

With warm, humid summers and cool, dry winters, the subtropical highland climate of southwestern Tanzania's Mbeya region is ideal for growing coffee. This crop comes from a cooperative of family farmers in Mbozi, an area within Mbeya known for one of Tanzania's most popular tourist attractions: a 12 ton meteorite that fell to earth centuries ago.

These Ichesa coffee beans are peaberries, which are formed when the coffee cherry holds only one small, round seed instead of the usual two, flat sided seeds. This naturally occurring mutation appears in about 4 percent of coffee crops worldwide.

$15.95 12 oz

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