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Cupping Information

Aroma: Sweet and floral

Flavor: Peach, cherry and honey

Acidity: Tangy

Body: Juicy

Aftertaste: Praline

Roast Scale
Region Information

Farm: Hacienda La Papaya

Altitude: 2100 m

Varietals: Typica

Harvest: June-August

Production Method: Washed


Please note: This coffee is roasted only on Mondays. All orders that include it will be held until the next Monday and roasted and shipped in their entirety that day.

For generations, Juan Peña’s family produced ornamental long-stemmed roses on the hillsides of their family farm, Hacienda La Papaya. But after disastrous weather wiped out his flower fields a decade ago, Juan replaced his lost crop with coffee seedlings. Since then he has become one of Ecuador's most celebrated specialty coffee producers and his elegant, complex coffees have repeatedly won international barista and roaster competitions.

Although this lot is comprised exclusively of Typica, Juan grows several varieties of coffee at La Papaya and constantly experiments with cultivation and processing methods. He also generously provides seedlings and nursery space to neighbors and farm workers so that they can plant coffee crops of their own.

$23.00 12 oz

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