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Cupping Information

Aroma: Butterscotch and deep fruit

Flavor: Blackberry and candied nut

Acidity: Nippy

Body: Silky

Aftertaste: Brown sugar and green grape

Roast Scale
Region Information

Country: Tanzania

Farm: Multiple small family farms

Altitude: 1750 m

Varietals: Bourbon, Kent

Harvest: July-November

Production Method: Washed

TARIME Tanzania

"Deeply rich, sweet-savory, nuanced and layered. Dried mango, scent of fresh cigar, lemon verbena, pink grapefruit zest, wisteria-like flowers in aroma and cup. Balanced, sweetly savory structure with a crisp yet syrupy mouthfeel. The resonant finish maintains all the complexity of the cup. The bottom line: A bright, engaging, complex Tanzania coffee. Inviting notes of dried tropical fruit and rich florals bookend sweet herb notes and a vanilla-like suggestion reminiscent of fresh cigar wrapper."
Ken Davids, September 2018

Tarime, one of the seven districts of the Mara region of Tanzania, is nestled between the Serengeti and Lake Victoria. It is largely self-governed by local social groups and tribes. Coffees in this region were historically naturally processed, but since the introduction of a washing station and more investment in infrastructure in 2013, washed processing has become more attractive to the local family farms. The washed process allows the farmers to deliver their coffee cherries to the mill as soon as they are harvested, which results in quicker payment as well as increased available space on their land due to the reduced need for drying surfaces.

This coffee is exclusively composed of peaberries, which are formed when the coffee cherry holds only one seed instead of the usual two. The lone seed grows into a small round coffee bean instead of the more common elongated shape with one flat side that forms when two beans share the seed cavity. Peaberries are a naturally occurring mutation that appear in about 4 percent of coffee crops worldwide.

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