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Cupping Information

Aroma: Sweet

Flavor: Strawberry, melon, chocolate

Acidity: Zingy

Body: Creamy

Aftertaste: Honey

Roast Scale
Region Information

Farm: Multiple small family farms

Altitude: 1700-1820 m

Varietals: Ethiopia heirlooms

Harvest: October - January

Production Method: Natural

TOREA Ethiopia

Perched at a dizzying altitude of almost 6,000 feet, some 500 small family farms near the village of Torea send their coffee harvests to the nearby Torea Washing Station. There the beans are sorted and those of the highest grade are combined to create this remarkable coffee. The region's fertile red-brown clay soil and legendary heirloom varietal coffee trees are well known for producing a cup with floral aroma, fruity flavor and winey acidity. Natural processing of this particular crop, which allows the coffee cherries to dry on the beans before being removed, enhances the berry tones and adds a delectable creaminess to the body.

$17.95 12 oz

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